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Amber - Expandable 70cm-105cm


About us

Borewood is a small family run wood craft shop based in London UK.

Our focus is directed towards designing and creating wooden range of home utilities & gifts.

You will find a products that are made from scratch and has been carefully created to fulfil

your high standards.

✔ We are using environment friendly paint and natural sourced materials as wood,ropes,fabrics.

✔ our product range is an useful tool to your domestic life and we promise

it will bring efficiency and comfort in it

✔ Let pure natural goods to surround you at home

Item specification

When it comes to indulgent bubble bath we all need some spoil and useful comfort tools.

Here it is a great solution to store all yours needed items on top of this lovely

hand crafted solid wood rack in medium oak colour dye decorated with rope handles

for easier holding and shifting.

Made with environment friendly and water resistant paint.

Prepare yourself for a great pamper during your bubble bath time .

This Solid wood English oak satin dye rack will fit it in all your favourite gadgets as tablet,phone,even book,

magazine candles, cosmetic, bath salts,why not a glass of wine and then just relax and enjoy

your well deserved foamy bath!

size L 700 to 1045 mm x W 140 mm x H 40 mm

Care instructions
Please follow this care instructions in order to enjoy prolonged accompany to your bath time
for a long time frame 🙂 Wood is treated with environment friendly dye and gloss varnish
to protect the surface.However additional care is neccesserry.

✔ wipe it down with dump cloth if any stains on a weekly basis
✔ no harsh sprays and rubbing materials to be used
✔ Whenever used after shower or bath is always good to soak off
any remaining water or foam with a dry cloth or paper tissue.

Company values
Our key aim is to deliver a personal, friendly and smooth service along with a high quality
home hand made wooden products.
For you,we would like to imprint the care,passion,desire and effort we have invested in.
People trust us to adhere to our word.
Therefore your outcome is a great driving importance for us! We value the good honest
customer – company relationship.
We are continuously refreshing our range and creating new styles of products so our increased strive for diversity will meet your desired expectation smooth
Please follow our shop and check our other items.
Please contact if you have any queries!
Feedbacks are welcome and important for our business,we would like to deliver a great product and service to you.Please leave us detailed positive rewiew.
If you have any issue with the order,please contact us ,we are here for you to solve it.
Thank you