Here at The Bath Rack we have strong rules and strives.

We treat our customers with the greatest respect and kindness!

We always want to satisfy the customer’s wishes and help them at every stage from the communication, through the advising stage regarding the best choice for their bath. Always looking for solutions and we are flexible to all kinds of requests connected with our niche and work. The extra mile we go is something coming naturally to us since being in the online and in the retail business for more than 12 years.

It is a great pleasure and professional satisfaction to do right and up to a high standard!

We appreciate the good sensible email communication and we always would help with any query. Your constructive feedbacks are our drive and positive key for constant improvement.

It is also important to share that we make handmade bath racks to order.

This means when you order, we then start making it especially for you.

We have this stated turnaround period of 10-15 working days, which vary depending on how busy the period is. It is there to show the estimated waiting time until you have your item dispatched. Then the delivery takes 3-5 days for Uk and 5-14 days worldwide.

What we would like to highlight here is we unfortunately happily in very rare occasions we should cope with a rude, aggressive people who for some unexplained reasons wouldn’t like to understand anything from our polite email responses, but trying to go in deeper disputes and none of their business advice and of course we do not tolerate such behavior and aggressive emails! We simply will apply our Zero tolerance policy against all such emails or phone calls. Their senders would be blocked immediately and also reported to the relevant authorities! 

Thank you for understanding!